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Israeli Movies and Series

  • Rabin In His Own Words


    Rabin In His Own Words is an “autobiography” of sorts, the story is told entirely in Rabin’s own voice. Through a combination of rare archival footage, home movies and private letters, his personal and professional dramas unfold before the viewer's eyes - from his childhood as the son of a labor ...

  • Hidden Face


    The Admor of Sanz-Klausenburg was a rabbi who experienced personal devastation and despite this succeeded in rehabilitating his own life and that of his Chassidic community. Through his heroic story, the film presents the narratives of the Holocaust as told by different members of the ultra-Ortho...

  • The Bouncer


    Ovadia is the strongest doorman of all the night clubs in Tel Aviv. His biggest dream is to become a father, but he and his wife Rachel have been struggling to get pregnant for almost five years. One day, small time gangster named Shalom Rozental offers Ovadia a job, which Ovadia sees as a great ...

  • A Quiet Heart


    A secular young concert pianist Naomi (Ania Bukstein, Game of Thrones), moves to present-day Jerusalem and finds herself persecuted by groups of local religious fanatics. Faced with escalating isolation and violence, she must learn to use music as a bridge over towering religious barriers.


  • Suspect
    1 season


    1 season

    Race across Jerusalem in this Israeli thriller series about a successful female lawyer who has to commit the perfect crime in order to save her family from a dangerous loan-shark.

    SUSPECT is a 24-hour crime thriller about successful lawyer Daphne Tsur, whose life changes dramatically when in the...

  • The Dreamers' Field


    Three young childhood friends wish to escape their alienated life in the Israeli kibbutz and become London’s hottest rock band. The lack of audience, the cultural differences and the lifestyle of illegal immigrants will all force them to reevaluate their choices.

    "A unique and authentic musical ...

  • Shoot and Cry


    A powerful exploration of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, territories occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six Days' War. The film documents the lives and encounters of two young men. About to begin his military service, Tal, an eighteen-year-old Israeli, is torn be...

  • Over the Ocean


    The year is 1962, and Holocaust survivor Menachem Goldfarb (Arie Muskuna) now lives in Israel with his family. Because tensions between Israel and Palestine are growing worse, Menachem wants to get his family out of the country. However, money is tight. But when an old friend, Morris (Moti Giladi...

  • Yehoshua


    A short film from Israeli director Noam Stolerman. After ten years in the firm, Yehoshua is getting fired out of the blue. Shocked and frustrated, he tries to think of a way to break the news to his wife and wonders if there's still a chance to get his job back.

    Directed by Noam Stolerman

  • Love Birds


    A man and a woman meet in a hotel to live out their sexual fantasies. The pair are celebrating their tenth anniversary, and such no-holds-barred meetings have become a tradition - the role-playing breaks up the routine of their marriage. This year however, things go differently: more and more lie...

  • Gift From Above


    A group of airport porters are planning on stealing 2 sacks of rough diamonds. The diamonds arrive on schedule on commercial flights to the airport. Being that the porters are the first to come in contact with the sacks from the moment they land in the airport, it goes without saying that they wi...

  • Laura Adler's Last Love Affair


    Yiddish live theater, a formerly lively theatrical form, is barely sustained by a few aging aficionados and its loyal but aged audience. Laura Adler is a big star of one of these troupes. She is attractive, middle-aged and quite content to spend her days performing obscure theater in her backwate...

  • Circus Palestine


    In this popular and award-winning feature from director Eyal Halfon, residents of a West Bank community are in an uproar over an aging lion that escaped from a Russian circus.

    Ophir Award - Best Film
    Ophir Award - Best Actor (Yoram Hattab)
    Ophir Award - Best Actor (Amos Lavi)
    Ophir Award - Best ...

  • Saint Clara


    After her family moves from Russia to Israel, 13-year-old Clara (Lucy Dubnichek) finds herself in the unenviable position of being the new girl at Golda Meir Junior High School. Thanks to her psychic powers, however, she quickly becomes a popular friend to have. Why study when Clara knows what's ...

  • Seven Minutes in Heaven


    One morning Galia and her boyfriend board a local Jerusalem bus. It is packed with passengers, among them a suicide bomber. The bus explodes, leaving Galia with severe burns and memory loss. She has no memory of the day of the terrorist attack and the days leading up to it. A necklace sent to her...

  • Playing for Peace


    In the middle of the Negev Desert lies the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva. Home to the football club HaPoel Be’er Sheva, the city has equal number of Muslim and Jewish residents and sits only 20 km south of the West Bank. Hapoel Be’er Sheva was plagued by a 40-year championship drought until a new o...

  • Wall



    Preeminent UK playwright and screenwriter David Hare—whom The Washington Post referred to as “the premiere political dramatist writing in English”—writes and stars in this innovative animated feature that explores the reality of the wall separating Israel and Palestine as no film has before. Rich...

  • Driver


    From the creator of "Shtisel"! | Nahman Ruzumni (Moshe Folkenflik, "Redemption") lives on the fringes of the ultra-orthodox community in Bnei Brak, Israel. As a "Driver," he takes beggars to wealthy homes and coaches them telling their stories in order to inspire philanthropy. For his service, he...

  • The Women's Balcony


    An accident during a bar mitzvah celebration leads to a gender rift in a devout Orthodox community in Jerusalem, in this rousing, good-hearted tale about women speaking truth to patriarchal power.

    When the women’s balcony in an Orthodox synagogue collapses, leaving the rabbi’s wife in a coma an...

  • I Am a Mountain Jew


    From director Nisan Katz, 'I Am a Mountain Jew' tells the untold story of the Jewish community living in the mountains of Israel. The film follows a group of these young mountain Jews who immigrated to Israel many years ago and are now embarking on a journey to the caucuses to explore and connect...

  • Thank God for India


    A documentary that deals with the generation gap between the young Israeli travelers in India and the conformities of society in Israel today. The film also takes a look at the new Israeli sub-culture that has developed in India as a result of this gap. We see that for the young Israelis, India i...

  • More Alive Than Dead


    Sigmund Freud: revolutionary genius far ahead of his time, or greedy, devious, charlatan? Dead since 1939, yet still considered to be "more alive than dead", Freud and the highlights of his prolific legacy are analyzed in this eye-opening "animated" documentary from Israeli filmmaker Tzaki Schiff...

  • Children of Jerusalem

    1 season

    Children of Jerusalem is a series of seven documentary films directed by Beverly Shaffer, a Canadian filmmaker, between 1991 and 1996. The series shows the life in Jerusalem from the distinct points of view of the municipality's children of various cultural, economic, social and religious backgro...

  • The Rat's Dilemma


    In the Holocaust, a gifted Jewish physicist named Rudolph is forced to build a teleporter for the Nazis. Rudolph keeps telling his Nazi supervisor Heinz that the machine doesn’t work yet, but Heinz suspects he is hiding something. As Heinz is determined to squeeze the truth out by any means neces...