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Fire Dance

Fire Dance

8 Episodes

New Episode Every Thursday Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | From the producers of Fauda and Shtisel, FIRE DANCE is the first television series from acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein-Shai (The Wedding Plan, Fill The Void) – the coming-of-age story of a young troubled woman in a tight knit ultra-orthodox religious sect.

Feigi, a young woman from a broken home, attaches her future happiness to Nathan (top Israeli actor Yehuda Levi) — the 35-year-old married son of the leader of the ultra-orthodox community in which they both live. Feigi's feelings and her longing for a relationship with Nathan can never materialize. It is this delicate tension, between passion and fulfillment, set on the backdrop of a conservative, devout community – in which Fire Dance exists.

"There are few Israeli TV shows I've been waiting to come to U.S. audiences more than "Fire Dance." I can't wait to be sucked into its world once more." - Lior Zaltzman, Kveller

Winner - Best Actor (Yehuda Levi) | Series Mania 2022

Starring Yehuda Levi (Mossad 101), Noa Koler (Checkout, Our Boys), and rising star Mia Ivryn!
Written and Directed by Rama Burshtein-Shai (Fill the Void, The Wedding Plan)
Israel, 2022
Hebrew (with English subtitles)
8 Episodes

Fire Dance
  • Episode 1 | Fire Dance

    Episode 1

    18-year-old Feige is in great distress. Nathan, the son of their ultra-Orthodox community’s leader, takes Feige under his wing. When his father dies, Nathan must decide who will succeed him.

  • Episode 2 | Fire Dance

    Episode 2

    Gitti starts a hunger strike until her husband gives her a gett (Jewish divorce). Feige goes out of her way to help solve the issue, and asks Nathan for advice. The pressure to elect a new leader increases.

  • Episode 3 | Fire Dance

    Episode 3

    Nathan advises the community’s women, against his family’s wishes. Feige refuses to meet potential suitors, raising her mother’s ire. Sheina must reveal a secret to her fiance, using Feige’s help.

  • Episode 4 | Fire Dance

    Episode 4

    Feige confronts her mother after another failed shidduch. Nathan’s wife Yocheved is troubled by the chaos encircling the family. Gitti and Yitzhak meet Nathan, who helps them in an unexpected way.

  • Episode 5 | Fire Dance

    Episode 5

    As Nathan forbids his followers from responding to the protests against him, Feige goes against the Rabbi’s wish and pays a heavy price. As Yocheved secretly asks Feige for help, an old relative emerges and awakens secrets from the family’s past.

  • Episode 6 | Fire Dance

    Episode 6

    As rumors swirl around Rabbi Nathan, the leaders of the community convene to assert whether he can continue advising women. Feige is asked to weigh in, as the confrontation between Nathan’s followers and protestors comes to a head.

  • A Conversation with Rama Burshtein-Shai | Fire Dance

    Episode 7

    Enjoy a fascinating and insightful discussion with Rama Burshtein-Shai, the acclaimed writer and director of FIRE DANCE, hosted by journalist Malina Saval (Editor of Pasadena Magazine and Contributing Editor for Los Angeles Magazine).

  • Fire Dance: Series Preview

    Episode 8