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  • Yvette Slosch, Agent

    1 season

    New York City's most infamous talent agent Yvette Slosch (Golden Globe and Tony Award winner LINDA LAVIN) is determined to make a star out of her newest client, jazz violinist Aaron Weinstein. She refuses to let Aaron's lack of name recognition, jazz's dwindling fan base, or the global pandemic g...

  • Legends and Legacies

    1 season

    A Jewish presence in Southern Africa can be traced as far back as Fernao Martins, a ‘converso’ (a Portuguese Jew who was forced to convert to Christianity) who was selected by Vasco da Gama to be his translator on his first voyage via southern Africa to India in 1497. Since then, Jewish immigrant...

  • Srugim
    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    Discover the Israeli series that became a cultural phenomenon! SRUGIM follows a group of young Modern Orthodox Jews living in present day Jerusalem navigate religious belief and the challenges of modern life in search of their own path towards love and family. With the best of intentions, they ea...

  • Checkout
    1 season


    1 season

    Named The #1 Jewish TV Series of 2021 by The Forward!

    Israel's #1 smash hit comedy series follows the hilarious antics of a diverse cast of customers and staff of a struggling Israeli supermarket. Headed by the overly eager general manager, Shira (Noa Koler, "The Wedding Plan", HBO's "Our Boys")...

  • Shalom Eve

    1 season

    Shalom chaverim! Welcome to Shalom Eve, a wonderful place for kids and families to discover their Jewish identity in a fun way! Come and explore with songs, puppets, theatre, games, stories and more! Chagim, Shabbat, words in Hebrew - and in Spanish - and lots of friendly interactions!


  • Asylum City

    1 season

    Watch the complete series now! — A hit Israeli police thriller set in the back streets of Tel Aviv, starring Doron Ben David (Fauda) and Hani Furstenberg (The Loneliest Planet).

    A young activist is found dead and the main suspect is an asylum seeker from Africa who was seen leaving her apartmen...

  • Soon By You

    4 seasons

    NEW: Season 2, Episode 3 "The Squirrel" Just Added! | SOON BY YOU is an award-winning comedy series about six young Modern Orthodox Jews dating in NYC. Think “Friends” but with Jews, well...even more Jews. The show follows the lives of young Jewish professionals as they navigate relationships, fr...

  • Rhythm 'N' Ruach

    3 seasons

    Rhythm 'N' Ruach is a hands-on educational program that intertwines Jewish music and rhythm instruments, along with offering fantastic programming that is engaging and fun. Our bright colors help encourage the "joyful learner," teaching new Hebrew words, phonics, and instruments in each class, wh...

  • YidLife Crisis

    3 seasons

    YidLife Crisis is a Yiddish comedy series created by two friends, Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman, wanting to pay homage to the yiddishkayt in their upbringing and the Jewish comedic lens on life with which they were raised.

    What started as a passion project turned into a hit with over 3,000,000 vi...

  • Suspect
    1 season


    1 season

    Race across Jerusalem in this Israeli thriller series about a successful female lawyer who has to commit the perfect crime in order to save her family from a dangerous loan-shark.

    SUSPECT is a 24-hour crime thriller about successful lawyer Daphne Tsur, whose life changes dramatically when in the...

  • An Innocent Man

    1 season

    Watch the complete mini-series now! | Based on true events, An Innocent Man takes viewers inside a riveting, high-stakes criminal case where reputation is everything and things are never as they appear. It follows the trial and conviction of Leopold Hilsner, of the most harrowing judicial chapter...

  • Mekimi
    1 season


    1 season

    Based on the best-selling true story of Israeli star Noa Yaron-Dayan, watch the dynamic and engaging limited series MEKIMI now!

    Young TV star Alma seems to have it all, but inside she feels empty - until she falls in love with the aloof and mysterious Ben. As Ben is drawn towards a life of faith...

  • The Body Collector

    1 season

    Watch the complete series now! | An investigative journalist fights to unmask a prominent art collector as a murderous Nazi war criminal in the gripping true-life drama THE BODY COLLECTOR.

    When multimillionaire Pieter Menten (Aus Greidanus) decides to auction off a portion of his prized art hol...

  • The Bible of Business

    1 season

    THE BIBLE OF BUSINESS is a step by step telling of how to really start and grow a business, delivered from 15 founders of world renown Israeli and American companies. An interactive series that reveals the backgrounds and strategies of famous Jewish Entrepreneurs. PLUS, tips from business profess...

  • Jewish Recipes with Oma & Bella

    1 season

    The feature documentary OMA AND BELLA is a powerful family portrait by Jewish filmmaker Alexa Karolinski, which follows two adorable elderly best friends who spend their days making sumptuous Jewish meals and recalling their experiences as Holocaust survivors. In this spin-off series, Oma and Bel...

  • Scaling Chutzpah

    1 season

    In this lively, informative, and engaging series, dozens of inspiring and wildly successful entrepreneurs reveal what it took - personally and practically - to create successful businesses and non-profit organizations. From operating a line of passenger cruise ships, to inventing industry-changin...

  • YidLife Crisis Presents: Global Shtetl

    6 seasons

    Leizer and Chaimie’s alter egos (Eli and Jamie) tour the world in search of Yiddish, the proverbial “crisis” in modern Jewish identity, and as much food (kosher or otherwise) as possible.

    Created by Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman
    2014 - present
    Documentary, Comedy, Travel, Yiddish Culture

  • Children of Jerusalem

    1 season

    Children of Jerusalem is a series of seven documentary films directed by Beverly Shaffer, a Canadian filmmaker, between 1991 and 1996. The series shows the life in Jerusalem from the distinct points of view of the municipality's children of various cultural, economic, social and religious backgro...

  • Centro Primo Levi Mini-Docs

    1 season

    Enjoy this series of "mini-docs" which explore the diversity of the Italian Jewish experience, presented by Centro Primo Levi New York!

    Directed by Valerio Ciriaci
    Italy/USA, 2016-2018
    Documentary, Series
    Italian, English (with English subtitles)

  • The Maccabeats

    1 season

    Often traveling with little more than the shirts on their backs and the ties on their necks, the Maccabeats have entertained and inspired audiences worldwide, from Alabama to (New) Zealand and everywhere in between. Using nothing more than the unadulterated human voice, a clean-cut presentation, ...

  • Jewish Folks Telling Jokes

    1 season

    Prepare to Plotz! Jewish Folks Telling Jokes is sure to make you laugh out loud. These compilations of hilarious live joke performances celebrate the humor that reflect our culture and honors those that have the special gift of ‘telling a good story.’ Enjoy as members of our community share the s...

  • Vertigo Dance Company

    1 season

    One of Israel’s premier contemporary dance troupes, Vertigo Dance Company has been wowing audiences around the world for nearly 30 years with their groundbreaking productions that candidly explore politics, sexuality, physical handicaps, and other socially salient topics, using visceral and athle...

  • The Shuk: Jewish Roots World Music

    1 season

    Having performed in over 30 countries worldwide, The Shuk uses music to connect people of all backgrounds through its diverse repertoire consisting of traditional, contemporary, ethnic, folk, sacred, jazz, Israeli, Jewish, Middle-Eastern and world music.

    Since 2008, The Shuk has performed at lea...

  • America Undiscovered

    1 season

    Journey across North America in this original and imaginative documentary series showcasing engaging and uplifting stories of amazing Jewish individuals and communities that have been overlooked or undiscovered. Hosted by Susan Neisloss, the series brings to light positive stories about the uniqu...