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  • The Elected

    1 season

    Watch the Complete Series Now! | Throughout the years, women have been a minority in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset). Their right to vote or be elected was never a given, and remains a struggle to this day. Through interviews with MKs, experts and journalists, combined with rare archive footage,...

  • The Hebrews

    1 season

    Watch the Complete Series Now on ChaiFlicks! | THE HEBREWS brings the most prominent writers in the field of Hebrew and Jewish literature to life through a series of films that combine a biographical story, cinematic visuals, original music, animation. commentary by literary scholars and the auth...

  • The Lesson

    1 season

    Watch the whole season exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | One of Israel’s most decorated TV series of recent years, The Lesson traces a classroom argument between a high school civics teacher (Doron Ben David, Fauda) and his student (Maya Landsman, Dismissed) which quickly spirals out of control and pu...

  • Labyrinth of Peace

    1 season

    Watch the Complete Series Now Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | Inspired by real events, LABYRINTH OF PEACE reveals the tensions, corruption, and intrigue that unfolded in hitherto-neutral Switzerland in the aftermath of World War II. Through the story of one family of Swiss industrial magnates, LABY...

  • The Times of Israel presents: Into The Land

    1 season

    ChaiFlicks is proud to partner with The Times of Israel to present their new original three-part documentary series INTO THE LAND, which takes a deeper look at some of Israel’s most complex social, environmental and historical issues. Watch a new episode every Tuesday!

    A Times of Israel Original...

  • The Great Eagle

    1 season

    New Episode Added Every Wednesday Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | A journey through the life, philosophy, and mystery surrounding Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon — or as he is known in English — Maimonides. Born in 12th century Cordoba, Spain, Maimonides is responsible for some of the text and interpretation...

  • Significant Other

    2 seasons

    Watch the Complete Series Now! | "The Finest Israeli Comedy!" - Haaretz | "Israel's 'Best Comedy'... Laugh-out-loud funny!" - The Forward

    Significant Other, a sophisticated rom-com set in Tel Aviv, follows two lonely neighbors in their late 40’s – a single woman (Dana Modan) and a newly divorced...

  • Unchained
    1 season


    1 season

    Watch the Complete Series Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | 'Unchained' (Known as 'מתיר עגונות' in Hebrew) is a new Israeli drama series starring Aviv Alush (HBO's 'Valley of Tears', 'The Women's Balcony') and Avigail Kovary ('Red Cow').

    'Unchained' follows a rabbi (Alush) who helps women receive a ...

  • Anti-Semitism: 2000 Years of History

    1 season

    The history of anti-Semitism is a story of demonization deeply intertwined with the societies, countries, and ages where it takes place.

    To understand a phenomenon as immemorial and powerful as anti-Semitism, whose manifestations have survived the destruction of Europe's Jews, requires a deep di...

  • Tangled Roots

    1 season

    Watch the Complete Series Now Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | TANGLED ROOTS (Shiur Moledet ) is a televised guide to the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A succinct, lucid summary and concise presentation of its basic concepts and decisive events, while laying them out on a timeline and ...

  • The Prime Ministers

    20 items

    Extended by Popular Demand! | ChaiFlicks is very proud to present THE PRIME MINISTERS, a new limited series of seven critically acclaimed films highlighting the lives of Israel’s iconic Prime Ministers.

    The seven films (and exclusive bonus content) will premiere starting June 15th, with new film...

  • Kingdoms
    1 season


    1 season

    Watch the Complete Series Now! | Hundreds of thousands of people in Israel and around the world belong to the Hasidic movement, a social religious creed, which since its birth over 250 years ago, has changed the face of Judaism. A secular person looking at the Hasidic members from outside views t...

  • The Braid presents StoryNosh

    4 seasons

    What is StoryNosh? A digital storytelling series served up in delicious bite-size pieces. Think of it as a grab-n-go story for the 21st-century soul. Each season explores an important theme through a Jewish lens. This collection of hilarious, heartbreaking and inspiring short stories are from wr...

  • Wartime Girls

    3 seasons

    Watch Seasons 1-3 Now Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | WARTIME GIRLS presents the Nazi occupation from the perspective of three young Polish women in Warsaw. Irka, Ewa and Marysia are three ladies whose adulthood coincides with the outbreak of WWII. Each girl comes from a different milieu: Irka was r...

  • The New Black (Shababnikim)

    2 seasons

    Watch Seasons One and Two Now Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | THE NEW BLACK - known as Shababnikim in Hebrew - follows four rebellious students at a prestigious Orthodox Yeshiva in Jerusalem, as they try to reconcile their desire for modern life with their religious upbringings. This original comedy...

  • The YidLife Crisis Guide to Love and Sex

    1 season

    With Valentine's Day upon us, the YidLife guys turn to a married Orthodox couple - both rabbis - to answer all their questions about dating, loving and sex. Featuring Maharat Rachel Kohl Finegold and Rabbi Avi Finegold.

    Parental Advisory: Suitable for Audiences 18 and Up

    By Eli Batalion and J...

  • Yvette Slosch, Agent

    1 season

    New York City's most infamous talent agent Yvette Slosch (Golden Globe and Tony Award winner LINDA LAVIN) is determined to make a star out of her newest client, jazz violinist Aaron Weinstein. She refuses to let Aaron's lack of name recognition, jazz's dwindling fan base, or the global pandemic g...

  • Srugim
    3 seasons


    3 seasons

    Discover the Israeli series that became a cultural phenomenon! SRUGIM follows a group of young Modern Orthodox Jews living in present day Jerusalem navigate religious belief and the challenges of modern life in search of their own path towards love and family. With the best of intentions, they ea...

  • Checkout
    3 seasons


    3 seasons

    Watch Seasons 1-3 Now! | Winner of 3 Israeli TV Academy Awards (2022) including Best Comedy | The Forward's #1 TV Series of 2021

    Israel's #1 smash hit comedy series follows the hilarious antics of a diverse cast of customers and staff of a struggling Israeli supermarket. Headed by the overly eag...

  • Shalom Eve

    1 season

    Shalom chaverim! Welcome to Shalom Eve, a wonderful place for kids and families to discover their Jewish identity in a fun way! Come and explore with songs, puppets, theatre, games, stories and more! Chagim, Shabbat, words in Hebrew - and in Spanish - and lots of friendly interactions!


  • Asylum City

    1 season

    A hit Israeli police thriller set in the back streets of Tel Aviv, starring Doron Ben David (Fauda) and Hani Furstenberg (The Loneliest Planet).

    A young activist is found dead and the main suspect is an asylum seeker from Africa who was seen leaving her apartment. Police Officer Anat Sitton lea...

  • Soon By You

    4 seasons

    SOON BY YOU is an award-winning comedy series about six young Modern Orthodox Jews dating in NYC. Think “Friends” but with Jews, well...even more Jews. The show follows the lives of young Jewish professionals as they navigate relationships, friendships, family drama and everything else that comes...

  • Rhythm 'N' Ruach

    3 seasons

    Rhythm 'N' Ruach is a hands-on educational program that intertwines Jewish music and rhythm instruments, along with offering fantastic programming that is engaging and fun. Our bright colors help encourage the "joyful learner," teaching new Hebrew words, phonics, and instruments in each class, wh...

  • YidLife Crisis

    3 seasons

    YidLife Crisis is a Yiddish comedy series created by two friends, Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman, wanting to pay homage to the yiddishkayt in their upbringing and the Jewish comedic lens on life with which they were raised.

    What started as a passion project turned into a hit with over 3,000,000 vi...