Birth of a Conflict

Birth of a Conflict

3 Episodes

Take an unprecedented dive into the genesis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the groundbreaking three-part documentary series BIRTH OF A CONFLICT, streaming now on ChaiFlicks.

The series reveals a perspective that has been repeatedly overlooked—the British Imperialist point of view and the historical lens of the 30-year-long Mandate in Palestine (1917-1948), during which the British Empire defended its goals and its own interests. Through a series of shocking discoveries and surprising testimonies, made possible by exclusive secret British archival access and audio recordings from the Palestinian police, BIRTH OF A CONFLICT brings to light secrets and misunderstandings from this critical moment in history that have remained obscured for decades, and shows them on screen for the very first time.

Directed by Yaron Niski and Avi Merkado-Ettedgui
Israel, 2022
Documentary, Series
Hebrew, English (with English Subtitles)
3 Episodes

Birth of a Conflict
  • Episode 1: A Conflict Requires a Territory | Birth of a Conflict

    Episode 1

    The first episode tells the story of the British Empire's arrival to the Middle-East, and how it complicated the region by helping create the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Episode 2: From Neighbors to Enemies | Birth of a Conflict

    Episode 2

    The second Episode tells the story of how the Jewish-Arab conflict turned from a territorial quarrel between two national movements, to a religious conflict. This chapter sheds new light on one of the most important, yet unknown events in the history of Palestine – The Great Arab Revolt.

  • Episode 3: The Fall of Empires | Birth of a Conflict

    Episode 3

    The third episode is about the downfall of the Arab national movement. This was in contrast to the rise of the Zionist movement, as it made its journey towards creating a Jewish state. All this, in a decade symbolized by two other major events - World War II and the collapse of the British Empire.