8 Episodes

Brandon Cohen is becoming... a SuperJew! Each week, he'll leave the Upper West Side for Crown Heights to take a dive in the deep end of the mikvah. Mildly curious, usually skeptical, Brandon is about to ditch Tinder for the tefillin and experience all that traditional Jewish life has to offer.

Created by Ariel Nishli
Hosted by Brandon Cohen
Directed by Jason Aron
Produced by Daniella Kahane
Executive Producer - Ariel Nishli

USA, 2016
Documentary, Comedy, TV Series

  • Episode 1: Prayer | SuperJew

    Episode 1

    Brandon Cohen is a good Jew who leaves his Upper West Side home for Crown Heights to become a SuperJew. Brandon's first stop is a morning prayer service that starts at the crack of dawn and will give him a chance to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah all over again - this time with a little vodka.

  • Episode 2: Law | SuperJew

    Episode 2

    Halachah. The word is as hard to pronounce as its meaning is to understand. "The way", "the walk" or "the path" all describe what's commonly oversimplified as Jewish "law". Brandon takes a long and winding walk through Brooklyn with an expert on Halachah to understand exactly where it came from a...

  • Episode 3: Spirituality | SuperJew

    Episode 3

    Spirituality is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days - especially in LA - so Brandon visits a rabbi and rebbetzin to learn just what being "spiritual" even means. He's not convinced Judaism offers a solution, but when it's described more as music than religion, Brandon starts to hear t...

  • Episode 4: Matchmaker | SuperJew

    Episode 4

    Dating these days, with all the apps and technology is kind of superficial. We want to connect with someone on a “soul-level”, but many of us have a hard time getting there. When Brandon meets with a matchmaker, he must answer what it is he is looking for—beyond swiping right for the next “hot gi...

  • Episode 5: Mikveh | SuperJew

    Episode 5

    The mikveh is more than just a hot tub for prayer, it's a holy and intimate place to be made pure, for refreshing the body and soul. In episode 5, Brandon visits the “Ritz Carlton of mikvehs” to fully immerse himself in Judaism. A dip in Holy water reveals that all relationships—even the one with...

  • Episode 6: Purim | SuperJew

    Episode 6

    Before Halloween, there was Purim. Brandon celebrates by learning how to get so lit that he can't tell the difference between a raging party and a religious experience.

  • Episode 7: Talmud | SuperJew

    Episode 7

    Brandon​'s ready to tap into the finer points of Jewish thought with some Talmud study in Episode 7 of SuperJew and quickly finds himself caught up in a two thousand year-old argument.

  • Episode 8: Shabbat | SuperJew

    Episode 8

    In the season finale of SuperJew, Brandon harnesses all his newfound Jewish wisdom to prep for the big time–Shabbat. As he masters the art of making challah, lighting candles and giving blessings, only one question remains: will Brandon become a true weekend warrior?