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Israeli Movies and Series

  • Menachem Begin: Peace and War

    Movie + 1 extra

    This powerful film was produced in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and presents a surprising and unfamiliar portrait of Israel’s sixth prime minister. Menachem Begin led Israel for six dramatic and tumultuous years, which produced waves that are ...

  • Red Leaves


    Meseganio Tadela immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia with his family 28 years ago and chose to zealously retain his Ethiopian culture. He belongs to a rapidly disappearing generation. Tadela sets out on a journey through his children's homes after losing his wife. Coming to know some of life's har...

  • Golda
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Shortly before her passing, Golda Meir was interviewed for the Israeli television. After the shooting ended the cameras kept rolling, recording an intimate talk with the first and only woman to ever rule Israel. As she lit one cigarette off the other, Golda spoke freely, pleading her case for her...

  • Colliding Dreams


    Award-winning filmmakers Joseph Dorman and Oren Rudavsky recount the dramatic history of one of the most controversial, and urgently relevant political ideologies of the modern era. The century-old conflict in the Middle East continues to play a central role in world politics. And yet, amidst thi...

  • Asia



    Golden Globe nominee Shira Haas ("Unorthodox", "Shtisel") stars in this powerful story about a mother-daughter relationship which celebrates the preciousness that comes out of adversity. Asia (Alena Yiv) is a single mother to 17-year-old Vika (Shira Haas). Vika's deteriorating health urges Asia t...

  • The Prime Ministers

    7 items

    ChaiFlicks is very proud to present THE PRIME MINISTERS, a new limited series of five critically acclaimed films highlighting the lives of five of Israel’s iconic Prime Ministers.

    The five films (and exclusive bonus content) will premiere starting June 15th, with new films becoming available eac...

  • Ben-Gurion, Epilogue

    Movie + 1 extra

    BEN-GURION, EPILOGUE brings to life a lost interview with one of modern history's greatest leaders, David Ben-Gurion. It is 1968, he is 82 and lives in the desert. Ben-Gurion's introspective soul-searching provides a surprising vision for crucial decisions Israel needs to make today. At the time ...

  • Time of Favor


    Winner of Six Israeli Academy Awards including Best Picture! The debut film from filmmaker Joseph Cedar ("Norman", "Footnote", "Beaufort", "Our Boys"), "Time of Favor" weaves an intricate tale of passion, loyalty and conspiracy amidst the contemporary political powder-keg and timeless austere bea...

  • The Syrian Patient


    Under cover of darkness soldiers transfer wounded Syrians into Israel. Military ambulances bring these unknown wounded from the Syrian border. Most of them are unconscious. Maged has lost the lower part of his face. He is brought immediately to the operating room of Dr. Eyal Sela, the director of...

  • A Matter of Size


    A Matter of Size is an Israeli comedy (yes, comedy!) like nothing you’ve seen before, a hilarious and heart-warming tale about a coming out of a different kind: four overweight guys who learn to love themselves through the Japanese sport of sumo wrestling!

    Herzl (Itzik Cohen) has been struggling...

  • My Father, My Lord


    The leader of a small ultra-orthodox community in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Abraham Edelman (Assi Dayan, the star of Israel's "In Treatment") is absolutely inflexible about doctrine. It's a trait that has won him no shortage of respect from his peers, but it's beginning to cause conflict with his son (Ilan...

  • Hagiga: The Story of Israeli Cinema

    1 season

    This milestone documentary series challenges the way we think about the history of Israeli cinema. Combining hundreds of interviews captured over two years with rare archival footage from behind the cameras, the series follows Israeli cinema from the 1960s up to these days, investigates the key f...

  • Watermarks


    Yaron Zilberman's "wonderful, heartwarming" (LA Times) film Watermarks narrates the story of the champion women swimmers of the legendary Vienna sports club Hakoah. Founded in 1909 in response to the notorious Aryan Paragraph, which forbade most Austrian sports clubs from accepting Jewish athlete...

  • Kingdoms
    1 season


    1 season

    Watch the Complete Series Now! | Hundreds of thousands of people in Israel and around the world belong to the Hasidic movement, a social religious creed, which since its birth over 250 years ago, has changed the face of Judaism. A secular person looking at the Hasidic members from outside views t...

  • Shoelaces


    Beloved Israeli actors Dov Glickman (Shtisel), Evelin Hagoel (The Women's Balcony) and Nevo Kimchi (Footnote, Restoration) star in Israel's heartwarming, award-winning smash hit SHOELACES!

    SHOELACES tells the story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his special-needs son. ...

  • Box For Life


    Noah Klieger is the last living survivor of the boxing team of Auschwitz and the oldest active journalist in the world. In between, he saw first-hand and survived many of the defining events of the 20th century, and some of the events he may have even steered a bit. 91-year old Klieger is a Jewis...

  • Yana's Friends


    This beloved Israeli classic from director Arik Kaplun explores the lives of Russian immigrants who land in Israel during the time of the Gulf War and must wrestle with the problems of immigrants everywhere: language, culture, money, jobs and love. As Scud missiles fly overhead, the beautiful, pr...

  • Sharon


    In January 2006, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke, leaving him unconscious for the rest of his life. Only six months earlier, he executed the Disengagement Plan, uprooting thousands of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip. Sharon was the last person to expect such measures fro...

  • Three Films by Raphaël Nadjari

    3 items

    Raphaël Nadjari is a world-renowned French-Israeli director and screenwriter. Having spent over 20 years in the industry, Nadjari excels in bringing moving and courageous stories to life. Watch three of his award-winning films - A STRANGE COURSE OF EVENTS, AVANIM and TEHILIM - streaming now on Ch...

  • Ajami


    Academy Award Nominee - Best Foreign Language Film! | Teeming with Palestinian illegal immigrants, Israeli Arabs, Christians and Jews, Ajami is a cloistered urban neighborhood as treacherous and potentially deadly as the front lines of Gaza. When a Bedouin extortionist is gunned down in self defe...

  • The New Black (Shababnikim)

    2 seasons

    Watch the Mid-Season Finale Now! | Returns August 31st

    THE NEW BLACK - known as Shababnikim in Hebrew - follows four rebellious students at a prestigious Orthodox Yeshiva in Jerusalem, as they try to reconcile their desire for modern life with their religious upbringings. This original comedy be...

  • Beaufort


    Academy Award Nominee! | After 18 years dug into a heavily fortified mountain deep in occupied Lebanon, the last Israeli soldiers enduring constant bombardment at the site of the ancient crusader stronghold called Beaufort receive orders to abandon their posts, detonate the warren of bunkers in w...

  • The Secrets


    Preeminent Israeli filmmaker Avi Nesher ("Past Life", "The Matchmaker") presents THE SECRETS, a beautifully evocative exploration of the passage into womanhood. While studying at a women's religious seminary in Safed, Naomi (Ania Bukstein, "Game of Thrones", "A Quiet Heart") and her new friend Mi...

  • Working Woman


    Working Woman is a beautifully performed drama about the everyday struggles of being female in the workplace. Orna (Liron Ben Shlush) is the mother of three young children whose husband is struggling to start his own restaurant. To help support her family Orna lands a job with a former army super...