YidLife Crisis Presents: Global Shtetl

YidLife Crisis Presents: Global Shtetl

6 Seasons

Leizer and Chaimie’s alter egos (Eli and Jamie) tour the world in search of Yiddish, the proverbial “crisis” in modern Jewish identity, and as much food (kosher or otherwise) as possible.

Created by Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman
2014 - present
Documentary, Comedy, Travel, Yiddish Culture
Yiddish, English (with English subtitles)

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YidLife Crisis Presents: Global Shtetl
  • Detroit Rock Shtetl (part 1) | Global Shtetl (Detroit)

    Episode 1

    Global Shtetl, our travelog docu-series on Jewish life, food and yiddishkayt around the world, continues with Part 1 of... DETROIT ROCK SHTETL!

  • Detroit Rock Shtetl (part 2) | Global Shtetl (Detroit)

    Episode 2

    Part 2 of our visit to DETROIT features chopping cabbage w Carly and the menschn at Yad Ezra, eating goat cheese/milk chocolate at Mongers' Provisions with cheesemonger Zach Berg, and hanging with Jacob Smith at Detroit Institute of Bagels (duh).