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Laura Adler's Last Love Affair

Laura Adler's Last Love Affair

Yiddish live theater, a formerly lively theatrical form, is barely sustained by a few aging aficionados and its loyal but aged audience. Laura Adler is a big star of one of these troupes. She is attractive, middle-aged and quite content to spend her days performing obscure theater in her backwater town. One day, however, she learns that she is being considered for a part in a major U.S. film, and, while she is absorbing that news, she has an affair with a young man. Later, when she learns that she has terminal cancer, she decides to spend her remaining days onstage with her theatrical friends and family.

Directed by Avraham Heffner
Israel, 1990
Documentary, Jewish Culture, Yiddish Culture
Hebrew, Yiddish (with English subtitles)
99 minutes

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Laura Adler's Last Love Affair