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Episode 2: Microcosm of a Temple | Kingdoms

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Episode 1: Sender's Revenge | Kingdoms


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  • Episode 2: Microcosm of a Temple | Ki...

    EPISODE 2 – Microcosm of a Temple | The Rebbe (“Admor” in Hebrew, an acronym for master, teacher, and rabbi) stands at the center of the Hassidic world. The Hassidic perception requires absolute self-effacement from the followers, and acceptance of the total authority of the Rebbe in every aspect...

  • Episode 3: Helpmate | Kingdoms

    EPISODE 3 – Helpmate | The third episode presents the daily lives of the men and women in the Hassidic community. How do they meet the challenges of rising children, income, education, gender, and equality? And how are these matters approached from a Hassidic point of view?

  • Filmmaker Q&A with Uri Rosenwaks

    Go inside the Hasidic world and the life of Maimonides in this fascinating discussion with Uri Rosenwaks, award-winning creator of the acclaimed Israeli series KINGDOMS and THE GREAT EAGLE!