3 Seasons

Watch Seasons 1-3 Now! | Winner of 3 Israeli TV Academy Awards (2022) including Best Comedy | The Forward's #1 TV Series of 2021

Israel's #1 smash hit comedy series follows the hilarious antics of a diverse cast of customers and staff of a struggling Israeli supermarket. Headed by the overly eager general manager, Shira (Noa Koler, "The Wedding Plan", HBO's "Our Boys") and assisted by Ramzi – for whom no job is too small – the store's staff is always looking to cut corners while eccentric customers look for more than just to complete their weekly shopping.

“One of the funniest, most original shows of the last few years! A testament to the power of talent and originality.” - Haaretz

“With perfect casting, good-hearted humor, charming characters and one supermarket that’s a microcosm of Israeli society — Checkout isn’t a niche but a mainstream hit that gets a place of honor in the heart of prime time.” - YNet

Winner of 3 Israeli Television Academy Awards (2022) including Best Comedy Series!
Winner, Best Sitcom, Israeli Television Awards 2020
Nominated, Best Comedy, International Emmy Awards 2019

Created by Nadav Frishman and Yaniv Zohar
Starring Noa Koler (The Wedding Plan, Our Boys), Keren Mor (Shorts, The Bourgeoisie), Dov Navon (Eretz Nehederet, The New Black), Amir Shurush, Yaniv Swissa, Daniel Styopin, and Aviva Nagosa
Produced by July-August Productions for Kan – Israel's Public Broadcaster
Distributed by yes Studios
Israel, 2018-Present
Comedy, Sitcom
Hebrew (with English subtitles)
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