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The Return of Sarah's Daughters

The Return of Sarah's Daughters

An award-winning film about three secular women as they enter the Orthodox Jewish world. As they grapple or embrace, their experiences throw pat answers about tradition, community, and meaning into relief.

“Enlightening, engaging…Personalizes the often faceless tussle between secular and religious ways of life.” — LA Weekly

“Gives us neither stereotypes nor mush headed proselytizing….A very personal and generous film about the search for meaning.”— San Francisco Weekly

“With intelligence, sympathy, nuance and grace, Sarah’s Daughters raises provocative questions about the complexity of contemporary women’s lives and options. This film will help us teach all of our daughters how to search for a meaningful life of their own.”— Judith Stacey, Contemporary Gender Studies, USC

Directed by Marcia Jarmel
Documentary, Jewish Culture, Women's Issues
USA, 1998
56 minutes

The Return of Sarah's Daughters