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The Hebrews

The Hebrews

13 Episodes

Watch the Complete Series Now on ChaiFlicks! | THE HEBREWS brings the most prominent writers in the field of Hebrew and Jewish literature to life through a series of films that combine a biographical story, cinematic visuals, original music, animation. commentary by literary scholars and the author’s friends and colleagues, and the filmmaker’s own personal interpretation. The films utilize poetry and prose, interviews, historical materials and literary interpretations, documentary footage and cinematic representation, producing works that reflects the wealth of Jewish writing.

Produced by Yair Qedar
Israel, 2009-2018
Documentary, Series, Literature, History
Hebrew (with English subtitles)
13 Episodes

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The Hebrews
  • Yeshurun in Six Chapters | The Hebrews

    Episode 1

    He spent most of his days in banishment and solitude. As a radical and isolated poet, he broke the boundaries of language, using Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic in ways that no other writer has. Who was Avot Yeshurun, also known as Yehi’el Perlmutter? The film travels between a biographical narrative...

  • Black Honey: The Life & Poetry of Avraham Sutskever | The Hebrews

    Episode 2

    Throughout his life, Abraham Sutskever would not let a film about his life be made. Nearly a decade after his passing in 2010, “Black Honey” tells the incredible story of the greatest Yiddish poet of modern times. Sutskever led the Paper Brigade underground movement that saved Jewish books and ma...

  • Levantine: Jacqueline Kahanoff | The Hebrews

    Episode 3

    She lived in Cairo, Paris, and New York, but died in an old-age home in Givatayim, Israel. She was charismatic and admired, but only a few people actually knew her well during her life. She was the first to write of Levantine and Mizrachi identities, Director Rafael Balulu goes on a journey in t...

  • A Song of Loves: Rabbi David Buzaglo | The Hebrews

    Episode 4

    Rabbi David Buzaglo’s literary output, much of it transmitted orally, had a major impact on a community of the Jews of North Africa (Maghreb). From his prolific period in the Diaspora to the years he spent in a Israel, Buzaglo’s poetry initiated an abrupt shift in Sephardic liturgical writing, in...

  • The Seven Tapes of Yona Wallach | The Hebrews

    Episode 5

    A cinematic journey into the world of Yona Wallach, an Israeli poet whose radical life and poetry ended with her death at an early age, leaving behind a myth, a trail of mystery and a throng of admirers. More than 25 years after her death, tapes from her last interview were discovered. In these t...

  • Vogel Lost Vogel | The Hebrews

    Episode 6

    Even though he was not a Zionist and left Palestine after residing there for less than a year, David Vogel wrote novels and poems, displaying a masterful ability to use magnificent Hebrew. He charted new literary territory by describing sexuality and desire, challenging gender roles and identit...

  • Alone: The Legend of Miriam Yalan Shtekelis | The Hebrews

    Episode 7

    In a little Jerusalem apartment, surrounded by dolls and cats, Miriam Yalan-Shtekelis wrote children’s songs that have captured hearts for many generations of Israelis: The Doll Named Zehava, The Soap that Cried a Lot, Michael, and many more. The director, photographer, editor, designer and write...

  • Mori: Shabazi's Riddle | The Hebrews

    Episode 8

    Only four biographical details are known about Rabbi Shalom Shabazi and there are no drawings or descriptions of his physical features. Yet, over 400 years after his birth, Shabazi is still an extremely popular poet who keeps “living” in an entire community’s collective soul – the Jews of Yemen....

  • Zelda, A Simple Woman | The Hebrews

    Episode 9

    She published her first book of poetry at the age of 53 and became a prominent figure in the field of Hebrew Literature. Niece of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Zelda lived alone in Jerusalem, writing poems on assorted pieces of paper, surrounded by a small court of lovers and admirers. Through never- be...

  • The Awakener: The Story of YH Brenner | The Hebrews

    Episode 10

    In 1921, six dead bodies were found near the so-called “Red House” which stood in an isolated spot in the orchards on the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. One was the body of Y.H. Brenner, a brilliant author, a sharp critic of his generation, a man of ambiguous sexuality and the compelling voice ...

  • The Five Houses of Leah Goldberg | The Hebrews

    Episode 11

    She died more than four decades ago, but even today, Leah Goldberg is still a magnetic and enigmatic figure – she is Israel’s most beloved poet, a powerful woman who lived with her mother and never married, a woman who invented herself from the ashes of World War I through her magical poetry. The...

  • "The Raven" (Ze’ev Jabotinsky) | The Hebrews

    Episode 12

    Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky? Most people know Jabotinsky was a charismatic leader of the Revisionists, the founder of the Betar Movement and the Herut Party (the predecessor of today’s Likud Party). Very few people know that he was a prolific writer (in Russian and Hebrew), translated Edgar Allan...

  • Miss Bluwstein Rachel | The Hebrews

    Episode 13

    “Miss Bluwstein” marks the 125th birthday of Rachel Hameshoreret – Rachel the Poetess and highlights her as the first Hebrew poet who managed to express the emotional life of an entire generation in a language that is still alive and surprisingly contemporary today. Dana Olmert, Anat Weisman, Efr...