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Significant Other

Significant Other

2 Seasons

Watch the Complete Series Now! | "The Finest Israeli Comedy!" - Haaretz | "Israel's 'Best Comedy'... Laugh-out-loud funny!" - The Forward

Significant Other, a sophisticated rom-com set in Tel Aviv, follows two lonely neighbors in their late 40’s – a single woman (Dana Modan) and a newly divorced man (Assi Cohen) - who find themselves living next door to each other and hesitantly embark on an obstacle-filled relationship which reflects how precarious life can be.

Winner of five Israeli TV awards (Best Actor, Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Original Script) in 2018 and 2020

Directed by Ram Nahari
Written by Assi Cohen & Dana Modan
Starring Assi Cohen and Dana Modan
Israel, 2018-2020
TV Series, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Significant Other