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9 Episodes

Watch the Complete Series Now on ChaiFlicks! | NORMAL is a semi-autobiographical series from Leore Dayan — son of renowned Israeli creator Assi Dayan (In Treatment) and grandson of legendary military leader Moshe Dayan.

Noam (Ophir Award winner Roy Nik) is a 24-year-old columnist struggling to establish himself as a writer, and not lose his mind in the process. A challenging task since his father is famous not only for his great talent as a writer, but also for his outrageous borderline personality. When Noam hits rock bottom, he finds his own route to normality in the unlikeliest of places: the psych ward.

“A series worth getting addicted to. Leore Dayan survived enough downfalls to kill a man. Fortunately, he wrote a show about it.” - Haaretz
“Normal is a heartfelt, funny show, and more importantly — it feels so accurate.”- TV Bee

Created by Leore Dayan and Asaf Korman
Written by Leore Dayan & Asaf Korman
Directed by Asaf Korman
Israel, 2023
Hebrew (with English subtitles)
TV Series, Comedy, Drama
8 Episodes