2 Episodes

Based on the best-selling true story of Israeli star Noa Yaron-Dayan, watch the first two episodes of the dynamic and engaging limited series MEKIMI now - with a new episode each Sunday!

Young TV star Alma seems to have it all, but inside she feels empty - until she falls in love with the aloof and mysterious Ben. As Ben is drawn towards a life of faith, Alma remains skeptical of religion as the forces around them put their fragile romance to the test.

Directed by Ram Nehari
Starring: Yael Poliakov, Danny Niv, Shai Avivi, Hani Furstenberg, Elisha Banai
Israel, 2013
Limited Series, Drama, Romance, Religion

  • Episode 1: Love Won't Save Us | Mekimi

    Episode 1

    Alma hosts a jovial Purim television special despite the massacre in Hebron that day. She meets her new roommate, Ben, and they form a deep bond. They travel to Sinai together where they come face-to-face with death. Brenner convinces Ben to attend a lesson by Rabbi Daniel, A Breslau adherent.

  • Episode 2: I'm Losing Him | Mekimi

    Episode 2

    On the eve of Yom Kippur, Alma discovers that Ben intends to fast. Ben tries to convince her to join him for prayers. Alma is looking for Ben, going from synagogue to synagogue. At the end of the fast, Ben returns with a group of repentants. Alma understands that their lives will no longer be the...