Labyrinth of Peace

Labyrinth of Peace

6 Episodes

Watch the Complete Series Now Exclusively on ChaiFlicks! | Inspired by real events, LABYRINTH OF PEACE reveals the tensions, corruption, and intrigue that unfolded in hitherto-neutral Switzerland in the aftermath of World War II. Through the story of one family of Swiss industrial magnates, LABYRINTH OF PEACE explores issues such as Switzerland’s complicity in Nazi crimes, its assistance to escaping war criminals and treatment of Jewish survivors after the war.

"Superbly acted... In (this) gripping new thriller series, neutral Switzerland isn’t so neutral after all. The acting is superior, the pacing swift, and the creators... turn the myth of Swiss neutrality on its head." - Simi Horwitz, The Forward

“While the Netflix show ‘Transatlantic’ flubs an inspirational real-life story, ‘Labyrinth of Peace’ is a moving, affecting post-war drama. I’d been won over by the end of the first episode - you’d be cuckoo to miss it!”- Adrian Hennigan, Haaretz

“An engrossing Swiss drama...fraught with drama, romance and moral struggles.” - Debra Nussbaum Cohen, JTA

“Stunning! Everything oozes care and quality... Shows a consistency of writing and direction that is uncommon in TV series. ” - Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

Winner of 2 Swiss Television Awards | Best Actress (Annina Walt) and Best Actor (Dimitri Stapfer)
Winner of 2 Awards: Audience Award and Jury Prize for Best Narrative | Charlotte Jewish Film Festival
Winner, Audience Choice Award | Seattle Jewish Film Festival

Created by Petra Volpe
Directed by Mike Schaerer
Switzerland, 2020
Swiss, German (with English subtitles)
TV Series, Drama, History
6 Episodes

Labyrinth of Peace