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La Petite Jerusalem

La Petite Jerusalem

Laura (Fanny Valette), a young philosophy student, lives with her immigrant family in a Jewish enclave in Paris, and is beginning to question the strict dictates of her religion. She feels bad for her sister Mathilde (Elsa Zylberstein, "An Irrepressible Woman"), who is married to a philanderer and believes Judaism compels her to stay with him. When Laura meets an attractive Muslim named Djamel (Hedi Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre), her sexual desire erodes her commitment to her faith even more.

"This beautiful tale of two sisters living in Sarcelles, a low-income Parisian suburb of mostly new immigrants, presents the darker side of religion while offering a candid view of an Orthodox Jewish family struggling to stay together." - Marta Barber, Miami Herald

"Beautifully played by Valette and Zylberstein, and directed with amazing grace by Albou, this touching film offers a respectful, fascinating look at a community that's ignored as often as it's misunderstood." - Ken Fox, TV Guide

Directed by Karin Albou
France, 2007
Drama, Romance, Coming-of-age, Jewish Culture, French Culture
Arabic, French (with English subtitles)
94 Minutes

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La Petite Jerusalem