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King Bibi

King Bibi

'King Bibi' explores Benjamin Netanyahu's rise to power — from his teenage days in America to perennial Israeli prime minister.

From one media appearance to another, "Bibi" evolved from Israel's great political hope, to a controversial figure whom some perceive as Israel's savior, and others - as a cynical politician who will stop at nothing to retain his power.

Directed by Dan Shadur
Israel, 2018
Documentary, Israeli Culture, Politics
English, Hebrew (with English subtitles)
87 minutes

King Bibi
  • King Bibi

    KING BIBI explores Benjamin Netanyahu's rise to power, relying solely on archival footage of his media performances over the years: from his days as a popular guest expert on American TV, through his public confession of adultery, and his mastery of the art of social media. From one studio to ano...