Inspiring Jewish Stories on Stage l The Braid / JWT Presents:

Inspiring Jewish Stories on Stage l The Braid / JWT Presents:

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The Braid/Jewish Women’s Theatre moves hearts and challenges minds with mostly true contemporary stories performed on stage. Since 2008, this nonprofit organization has been recognized for its unique theatrical art form, “Salon Theatre,” that sits at the intersection of theatre and storytelling. These stories are pulled from our vast collection of over 60 original “Salon Theatre” shows spotlighting diverse Jewish experiences in America today. Written by professional and lay writers ages 13-98, and performed by professional actors, these inspiring Jewish stories deliver heart, humor, chutzpah and leave you laughing or crying, or both, while celebrating the truths that connect us all.

Produced by The Braid / Jewish Women's Theatre
USA, 2016-Present

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Inspiring Jewish Stories on Stage l The Braid / JWT Presents:
  • Refused No More | The Braid

    Episode 1

    Growing up in the Soviet Union, young Feldman has had no contact with his forbidden religion. Despite being a good Communist, his Jewish name dooms him to be a second- or third-class citizen. A frequent target of unkind names, beatings, and taunts, he is told he is different and does not belong...

  • The Men in My Life | The Braid

    Episode 2

    The daughter of a white Jewish mother and half-Black, half-Chinese father is raised without discussion of race because her mom was color blind and wanted to believe the rest of the world was too. But this utopian ideal is not the reality she experiences growing up. Instead, she feels like an ou...

  • Sissy Boo | The Braid

    Episode 3

    Two-time Emmy-nominated writer and award-winning comedian Debbie Kasper tells a hilarious and tender story of how her father brought home a shocking surprise when she was 12. Expecting a puppy, she instead is greeted by a teen-aged hippie who turns out to be her half-sister from a previously unk...

  • Who Are We Really? | The Braid

    Episode 4

    A determined daughter strives to reach her father, who suffers from severe Alzheimer’s. In a tender and touching story, the essence of the father she once knew is revealed, confirming that the man she remembers and loves is hidden somewhere inside the confused shell she now encounters.


  • Special | The Braid

    Episode 5

    Growing up Black and Jewish, award-winning actor, comic, writer, and beatboxer Joshua Reuben Silverstein takes us on a tour of his outrageously funny world. Sometimes an outcast and sometimes a special and exotic addition to friends’ scrapbooks of life, he opens his comedy act by announcing, “He...

  • Life in the Time of Coronavirus | The Braid

    Episode 6

    A note from a friend and a Facebook post affect Kate’s attitude to sheltering in place. This true and inspirational story tells us how we, like caged birds, might choose to handle our confinement.

    Produced by The Braid/Jewish Women’s Theatre
    USA, 2020
    True story, Drama
    2:02 minutes

  • Indecent Sexposure | The Braid

    Episode 7

    Advised by her gynecologist to obtain a dildo to save her most important, post-menopausal body part, well-known actress Melanie Chartoff heads off to the new Hustler store on the Sunset Strip. It is opening day, so she thinks no one will notice her if she arrives at 9 a.m. Dressed in a trench c...

  • The Promise of Paradise | The Braid

    Episode 8

    Master storyteller Vicki Juditz’s story begins in the waiting room of her 15-year-old daughter’s therapist’s office. After her husband’s suicide, her daughter is struggling and blames her for ruining her life. Worst of all, the teenager can’t believe her beloved dad is in “Heaven,” because Vick...