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In the Shadow of Memory

In the Shadow of Memory

Tragedies play out for years. IN THE SHADOW OF MEMORY focuses on Jerri Zbiral, the daughter of a survivor of the Nazi destruction of the Catholic village of Lidice, Czechoslovakia. Even though Jerri was born after the war, her mother’s stories had a profound effect on her life. This compelling story addresses emotional issues that span generations. What do we tell children about personal tragedies? How do we resolve grief, anger and long-standing hatreds? How do we communicate across ethnic barriers? The film combines historic footage and contemporary interviews with survivors. The 50th anniversary of the massacre is a starting point for an ongoing personal exploration of the legacy of tragedy, relevant far beyond a World War II setting.

Directed by Jacky Comforty
United States, 1999
Documentary, World War II, Jewish History
51 minutes

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In the Shadow of Memory