Children of Jerusalem

Children of Jerusalem

7 Episodes

Children of Jerusalem is a series of seven documentary films directed by Beverly Shaffer, a Canadian filmmaker, between 1991 and 1996. The series shows the life in Jerusalem from the distinct points of view of the municipality's children of various cultural, economic, social and religious backgrounds.

Directed by Beverly Shaffer
Israel, 1991-1996
Documentary, Jewish Culture, Israeli Culture
Hebrew (with English subtitles)
7 episodes

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Children of Jerusalem
  • Episode 1: Tamar | Children Of Jerusalem

    Episode 1

    This short documentary follows 10-year-old Tamar, a resident of Jerusalem, as she recounts the experiences of her daily life in Israel. She practices her baritone tuba and attends school, the local market, and a religious youth camp. She welcomes cousins who have emigrated from Russia, and expres...

  • Episode 2: Neveen | Children Of Jerusalem

    Episode 2

    This short documentary presents a portrait of Neveen, a 12-year-old Palestinian girl who lives in the Shufat refugee camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Neveen gives us a tour of her typical day: helping her mother with chores, attending school, learning English with her aunt. Throughout, Neveen ...

  • Episode 3: Asya | Children Of Jerusalem

    Episode 3

    This short documentary, part of the Children of Jerusalem series, profiles 11-year-old Russian immigrant Asya as she and her family get accustomed to life in Jerusalem. From issues of cultural, political and religious diversity to the simple act of making new friends, this portrait of Asya is ind...

  • Episode 4: Yacoub | Children Of Jerusalem

    Episode 4

    This short documentary is a portrait of 9-year-old Yacoub, a Palestinian who lives in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem. He studies English and French at school, and enjoys shopping at outdoor markets and helping at his uncle's falafel shop. He'd like to be free to go out and play with his frien...

  • Episode 5: Yehuda | Children Of Jerusalem

    Episode 5

    This short documentary introduces us to 10-year-old Yehuda, a radiant example of the Hasidic belief in the joy of prayer. Living with his parents and 10 brothers and sisters in West Jerusalem, Yehuda brings old customs and traditions to life as he prepares to celebrate the Sukkot festival.

  • Episode 6: Ibrahim | Children Of Jerusalem

    Episode 6

    Ibrahim is an 11-year-old Palestinian Arab boy living in East Jerusalem. We follow him on his way home from school as he passes through several distinct neighbourhoods—Orthodox Jewish, secular Jewish and an Arab neighbourhood where Palestinians wear traditional dress. Ibrahim’s life blends the mo...

  • Episode 7: Gesho | Children Of Jerusalem

    Episode 7

    This short documentary tells the story of 13-year-old Gesho, one of the 14,000 Ethiopian Jews who left Northeast Africa for a new life in Israel during a massive refugee effort initiated by the Israeli government in 1991. In Ethiopia, he and his family lived without running water or electricity, ...