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The Body Collector

The Body Collector

3 Episodes

Watch the complete series now! | An investigative journalist fights to unmask a prominent art collector as a murderous Nazi war criminal in the gripping true-life drama THE BODY COLLECTOR.

When multimillionaire Pieter Menten (Aus Greidanus) decides to auction off a portion of his prized art holdings, Dutch newspaper editor Hans Knoop (Guy Clemens) receives a tip from an Israeli colleague about Menten’s hidden wartime past. As the mild-mannered but steely and idealistic journalist sets out to uncover the elusive facts, he is warned off the story by fellow reporters, stonewalled by bureaucrats, and threatened by the untouchable Menten and his wife (Carine Crutzen).

The highest-rated miniseries in Dutch television history relives the infamous and intriguing 1970's case, while depicting the heavy personal price paid by journalists in their tireless search for truth and justice.

Best Drama Series: Foreign Language - Banff Rockie Award (Banff Television Festival)
Best TV Film & Short TV Series - Dutch TV Beelden Award
Best TV Drama - Golden Calf (Netherlands Film Festival)

Directed by Tim Oliehoek
Drama, Series, European History, Jewish Culture, WWII
Netherlands, 2016
Dutch (with English subtitles)

The Body Collector