Academy Award Nominee! | After 18 years dug into a heavily fortified mountain deep in occupied Lebanon, the last Israeli soldiers enduring constant bombardment at the site of the ancient crusader stronghold called Beaufort receive orders to abandon their posts, detonate the warren of bunkers in which they've tenuously clung to life and victory, and come home. Amid redoubled shelling from Hezbollah, the fort's brash, impossibly young commander Liraz (Oshri Cohen) struggles to keep himself and his men safe from a faceless enemy that would turn withdrawal into massacre, and transform a just cause into a lost cause.

Academy Award Nominee - Best Foreign Language Film (2008)

"A' Rating! A movie of tremendous power." - Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly
"The first great Israeli war film!" - Hannah Brown, The Jerusalem Post

Directed by Joseph Cedar
Israel, 2007
Drama, Military, Israeli Culture
Hebrew (with English subtitles)
125 minutes

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