24 Hours Jerusalem

24 Hours Jerusalem

10 Episodes

Shot simultaneously by 70 crews, this is a portrait of one day in the life of the world's most famous city full of contradictions, a multi-level unique experience. Behind the harsh politics of our days lie personal daily routines familiar to all. Following protagonists from all religions and backgrounds, 24 HOURS JERUSALEM is an extraordinary message from the heart of a deeply conflicted region.

German TV Award 2014 (Best Doc Series), German TV Academy (Best Producer)

Created by Volker Heise
Germany / France, 2014
Documentary, Israel
English, Hebrew (with English subtitles)
10 Episodes x 26 Minutes

24 Hours Jerusalem
  • Episode 1: 6:00am | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 1

    The city awakens. Workers from the surrounding areas have to pass the checkpoints. The market opens. Morning prayers are performed.

  • Episode 2: 9:30am | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 2

    The first rush hour in Jerusalem is over, adults are at work, kids at school. Restaurants prepare for the lunch hour and at Yad Vashem, work has begun in the archive. Every day routines are followed in the Catholic music school and at the Yeshiva.

  • Episode 4: 12:30pm | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 3

    A peace activist goes on patrol, the Muezzin calls for midday prayer, Jim Hollander pursues his career as a paparazzi.

  • Episode 3: 11:30am | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 4

    Thousands of pilgrims visit the holy sites. A political photographer turns paparazzi, the police patrol the market and a very old lady reminisces an eventful life.

  • Episode 5: 2:00pm | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 5

    Demonstrations in the refugee camps, a phone call to prison, an investigation into the shooting of a Palestinian. And a brother visits the monument of his dead sister.

  • Episode 6: 5:00pm | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 6

    Some protagonists visit lost places of childhood and places of catastrophe. A rally is dispersed by police on horseback and a group of women visit the beauty parlour to prepare for a wedding.

  • Episode 7: 7:30pm | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 7

    The day comes to a close and while some prepare for a night out, others get ready for work.

  • Episode 8: 8:30pm | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 8

    Performers enter the stage, there is music, stand up comedy. Those who don’t go out, pursue their interests at home. The paramedics attend to their first assignments and the wedding parties begin.

  • Episode 9: 11:30pm | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 9

    The city is divided between those who can sleep, and those who lie awake at night. Between those who work and those who go out to play.

  • Episode 10: 2:00am | 24 Hours Jerusalem

    Episode 10

    2am in Jerusalem, in the Holy City. Emergency services and police report a quiet night. No skirmishes, hardly any assignments, no fire - a quiet moment in a city of conflicts.