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Centro Primo Levi Mini-Docs

Centro Primo Levi Mini-Docs

7 Episodes

Enjoy this series of "mini-docs" which explore the diversity of the Italian Jewish experience, presented by Centro Primo Levi New York!

Directed by Valerio Ciriaci
Italy/USA, 2016-2018
Documentary, Series
Italian, English (with English subtitles)

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Centro Primo Levi Mini-Docs
  • The Song of the Sea | CPL Mini-Docs

    Episode 1

    In this episode, musician and author Enrico Fink guides us through the Great Synagogue of Florence, while mapping out the history and repertoire of the Sephardic liturgy in Italy. Using the poem Shirat Hayam (The Song of the Sea) as an example, Fink reflects on the importance of religious music t...

  • I Am Counting On You, On Everyone | CPL Mini-Docs

    Episode 2

    This final episode juxtaposes the letters written by Gemma Vitale Servadio before she was killed in Auschwitz with present-day images of the internment camp in Fossoli where she was temporarily detained with her mother in 1944. Historian Carlo Spartaco Capogreco, preeminent researcher on the depo...

  • Americordo | CPL Mini-Docs

    Episode 3

    In this episode, journalist and author Gianna Pontecorboli discusses her book about Italian Jews who migrated to the United States from Italy while fleeing persecution under Mussolini. Caught between separate worlds, these families didn't identify with either Italian-American or American Jewish c...

  • Money Must Stay In The Family | CPL Mini-Docs

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Alain Elkann reflects on his novel 'Money Must Stay in the Family' and the source material that inspired him to write it: his own family history. Featuring previously unreleased archival home movies from the 1930s and 1940s, the short film traces the line that runs from Elkann's ...

  • The Song of the Sea - Extra #1 | CPL Mini-Docs

    Episode 5

  • The Song of the Sea - Extra #2 | CPL Mini-Docs

    Episode 6

  • The Song of the Sea - Extra #3 | CPL Mini-Docs

    Episode 7